Blizzard Store now with digital downloads

Just yesterday we talked about Aspyr’s Game Agent, and here we are again talking about digital downloads. Blizzard Store was announced earlier this month, with the following features.

  • User-friendly interface makes your shopping fast and convenient.
  • Search and browse products by major franchise categories as well as product type.
  • Convenient online shopping tools such as saving payment methods and shipping addresses for future reference.
  • Digital downloads: now you can purchase select Blizzard Entertainment titles as direct downloads, with immediate access upon payment.
  • Purchase World of Warcraft game time for yourself or for a friend.

What’s really great about this announcement is the fact that you don’t have to repurchase games you’ve already bought. All you have to do is register at the Blizzard store, sign in, select the appropriate game in your account and input your CD key and the game will be available to download.

This feature totally saved me, my old disc were scratched beyond return and all I had left were my CD keys, thanks to the Blizzard Store I was able to fire up my old Blizzard games, surprisingly even though the graphics are out dated I still had a blast.

Even if you don’t plan on buying games from the Blizzard Store, if you do own any Blizzard games save the CD keys and register at the site, that way you’ll have a free backup copy of your Blizzard games in the event your discs meet an untimely death.

Blizzard Store doesn’t have all their games available in digital form yet, currently available; Warcraft III Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III Expansion The Frozen Throne and Starcraft Anthology.

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