New Zerg unit added to official Starcraft II website

Think Zerglings are useless late game? Think again, now they can morph into these nasty little buggers known as Banelings. They’re essentially rolling balls of TNT, one isn’t so bad, but when you have a dozen rolling your way, you better hope your micro is above par.

You can spot them in the picture above, they are the units glowing neon green. Blizzard always has great descriptions of their creations, the Baneling is no exception.

“The baneling is a creature so bloated with fluid-filled sacs that it can barely walk; instead, it moves itself by tucking into a tight ball and rolling. However, this ungainly appearance belies the fact that the baneling is an extremely dangerous organism, one of several new zerg specialists recently seen on the battlefield. When a baneling gets close enough to an enemy, the creature triggers a reaction within its volatile chemical payload that causes it to explode with devastating force and shower the immediate surroundings with searing acid.”

To get a closer look and see the Banelings in action check out their official page over at

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