New iPod Touch ad shows off App Store games

Yesterday, at Apple’s “Let’s Rock” event, after Philip Schiller gave his demonstration of upcoming iPhone/iPod touch games, Steve Jobs made an interesting comment about the iPod touch, “it’s the best portable device for playing games on.”

Apple for the most part has steered clear of gaming, the last time there was a big push into the gaming market was Pippin, which ended in complete failure.

Now Steve Jobs is openly declaring the iPod touch as the premiere portable gaming system. Although it may sound far fetched, he may be onto something. The iPod touch is in a lot of ways ahead of the PSP/DS, even the legendary game developer John Carmack said that the iPhone/iPod touch is more powerful than PSP/DS combined.

The iPhone/iPod touch is still young as a gaming platform, only 2 months old, so we’ll see a year from now if Steve’s words ring true, until then enjoy this great iPod touch ad showing some of the best games the App Store has to offer.

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  1. Robert says:

    What is the name of the game shown on the iPod at the very top? Thanks

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