Microsoft moving towards cross-platform games, iPhone ports hinted

At the last E3, Phil Spencer, head of Microsoft’s game studios mentioned the Apple iPhone specifically as one of the potential candidates for cross-platform games.

Looks like Microsoft is still taking a wait and see approach to iPhone gaming, those comments were made just a week after the App Store opened its doors.

Now that the sales numbers are coming in, it’s pretty clear that the App Store has proven even individual developers like Eliza Block, creator of 2 Across, can make a substantial profit, $2,000/day in her case.

As for large game companies like SEGA, they managed to pull in 2 million dollars in the first month with Super Monkey Ball, this figure is after Apple has taken its cut.

“It’s thinking about the right opportunity. Where it makes sense is more important than just proving that it can be done.” – Phil Spencer

So the question isn’t really about whether or not the iPhone ports will be profitable, it’s just a matter of finding a suitable game that fits well with the iPhone’s control scheme, Spore Origins is a great example of a game that feels natural on the iPhone.

As much as I would love to see Halo ported to the iPhone, it still seems like a bad idea, FPS games aren’t exactly a perfect fit for the iPhone.

Microsoft’s ACES Game Studio is a more logical choice, they produce flight simulators such as Combat Flight Simulator series. StarSmasher by John Bowers proved that flight sims could play well with accelerometer based controls.

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  1. D9 says:

    Yeah, when it comes to Microsoft development for Mac products, one knows patience and low expectations are the formula for satisfaction.

    Simply put…believe it when I see it.


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