Flick Bowling by Freeverse rolls into the App Store

Flick Bowling (App Store) by Freeverse just blows away any other bowling game in the App Store and it’s only $4.99. The first thing you’ll notice when playing Flick Bowling is the gorgeous graphics, they are really well done, great job Freeverse.

As you would expect, the game is very easy to learn and play. You can bowl in two easy steps, first position your character moving left or right, and then slide your finger in an upward motion on the touchscreen, the faster you flick the faster the ball will move, but don’t go too fast or the game won’t register the flick.

Another neat aspect of the game is how you can actually flick at different angles to get the ball to roll to one side or the other.

You can also play with a friend in two player mode, it’s always great to get some real competition to make a game more exciting.

Flick Bowling is definitely worth checking out if you are looking for some arcade fun.


Gameplay Video

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