16 Reasons Why the iPhone and iPod touch are better than a PSP

1. No more lugging around stacks of UMDs in a mini-suitcase, why choose which games to bring with you, when you can load them all onto your iPhone or iPod touch.

2. Because changing UMDs every time you want to play a different game sucks.

3. Sorry, Batman called and he wants his belt back. Why carry around an Audio Player, Video Player, Portable Console, PDA, Cell Phone and Netbook, when could could have all these features in one compact device.

4. Save yourself a trip with the App Store’s digital downloads, more convenient than driving to the store, it’s like the mobile version of Valve’s Steam.

5. Spinning an optical disc is great for prolonging load times, think of it as added anticipation built right into the game. And don’t worry about the additional battery drain, you can always buy the super sized battery pack, tumor like bulges on your PSP, awesome!

6. No storage space on the PSP, cost of PSP + Memory Stick = more than iPod Touch.

7. You can’t lose iPhone games, you can re-download them unlimited times, lose your UMD? good luck getting it back.

8. Updating games is painless, update through iTunes or even directly from your iPhone/iPod touch, no scouring the net to find updates.

9. New features and additional content through game updates. When was the last time you saw a PSP game updated with more content/features?

10. iPhone is always connected, multiplayer where it counts most, on the go. PSP only has WiFi multiplayer, AKA playing on your PSP while your PS3 sits idle in front of you.

11. Shelf space is not an issue, larger variety of games, more indie developed games, less cookie cutter released yearly franchise games.

12. News Flash: ACME now using PSPs to build houses due to brick shortages.

13. Innovative controls allow for new games instead of rehashes, geee and I was really looking forward to Street Fighter 23… It’s time for change.

14. Relatively cheap prices, App Store games are usually less than 10 dollars and some are even free. PSP games on the other hand cost on average 40 to 50 dollars.

15. Easily get Music (8.5M) / Podcast (125K) / Movies (2.6K) / TV Shows (30K) / Apps (3K) onto your iPhone and iPod touch through iTunes. You can keep adding bells and whistles to the PSP, but at the end of the day, there is no simple way to get media onto the PSP.

16. John Carmack knows best – “…more powerful than a Nintendo DS and PSP combined.”

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  1. Jonathan says:


    Thx mate.

    Thought i should help save both of my favourite gadgets. ;)

  2. Jim says:


    Mad props to you, for a while there I thought the fanboy flame wars would never end, I liked your comment it sounded very reasonable.

  3. Jonathan says:

    Interesting discussion so far. I’ve owned both a PSP and an iPod touch, along with a host of other accessories. I have to admit they both have their advantages and drawbacks.

    For one, the PSP WiFi DOES happen to have a longer range, although slower and the browser, while having all the functions necessary for comfortably browsing, isn’t up to Safari standard.

    The PSP has considerably larger screen (defenitely an advantage when playing a game or watching a movie) although the iPhone’s screen is somewhat sharper. (Pixels are probably more packed, thus the screen clarity)

    Battery-wise, the PSP has a major advantage. Not only can you replace batteries, but without a touch-screen function, the screen consumes far less power. (and it still has a bigger screen) The iPhone and iPod Touch, on the other hand, tend to have painfully short battery lives. (PSP about 5-7 hours, depending on screen brightness. iPhone, iPod Touch 3-5 hrs, also depending on screen brightness (not counting time with screen powered down))

    Sound quality is another issue that wasn’t covered extensively. Let’s break it up into three groups now. The PSP, the iPhone and the iPod. The PSP-2000 has awesome SQ, although the built-in speakers lose out to the iPhone/iPod’s. With external speakers, the PSP can match the iPod Touch easily. (by which i mean both are on external speakers) The iPhone tends to have slightly poorer SQ (although not obvious to any normal person)

    iTunes is a great software, agreed, but isn’t just lovely to be able to actually move stuff around inside the folders? iTunes helps to organise stuff, but it also takes away some freedom. The iTunes store, on the other hand, is a great place to shop for games (although the collection tends to be a little boring, with the same few types of games being showed over and over) That said, the PSP has inter-changeable memory cards, thus infinite memory.

    If anyone is commenting on brick-likeness of the PSP, it isn’t actually very big. Sony cut down on most disgustingly jutting-out corners, and it’s quite comfortably to hold. The iPhone, iPod touch, though, while both aesthetically appealing, give me finger cramps after a while.

    I see almost everyone here taking a side. (the iPod is better, the PSP is better.) And flaking the other “side” (the PSP sucks, the iPhone sucks) But honestly, it’s all about what you’re going to use it for. If you’re bigger on music, get the iPod. If you’re all about gaming, then the PSP is defenitely the way to go. The graphics are not only better, but the buttons are also less confusing when you want to concentrate on the screen.

    Another thing i wanted to mention. Video quality. The iPhone and iPod defenitely win here. The two were designed around media (Photos, music, videos) and internet (safari, maps, etc) Despite the smaller screen, i find the iPod less tiring on the eyes when watching a video. (maybe because the PSP has less colours)

    Interface-wise, i actually can’t take a side, although i must say the PSP interface is far simpler and easier to learn, while the iPhone’s has far more functions.

    P.S. I’m assuming that nobody is even going to CONSIDER going illegal here.

  4. TMLROKZ says:

    NO ONE IS GOIN’ TO BUY AN iPhone TO PLAY GAMES Because iPhone games sucks to da max
    Sony PSP has more Games than the iphone…….
    and probably itz a GAMIN’ Console
    the iphone only has 3D RGB games like racing
    id there NFS or God of War they really rokz
    finally THE PSP IS BETER FOR GAMING,MUSIC(with original sony earphone,WEB-BROWSIN’,VIDEOS and for ORGANIZING

  5. Max says:

    Well, if you jailbreak your itouch (1st g) you can get games like GTA. A jail broken iPhone/ touch’s posibilities are unlimited. And it Is only a matter of time until someone figures out how to crack the new iPhone/ touch.

    You can also leave comments from your iPod.

  6. Sam says:

    What is your fucking point. Look at the date of the release of the PSP! Yes that is right, 2005. How can you compare your Ipod Touch with an PSP? First of all, where are the good Ipod games? I don’t see any GTA in there, or Star Ocean, various racing games. Second, Ipod is more expensive than PSP. Third, the PSP is not meant to compete with an Ipod Touch, the PSP was not made to take on these devices (although it still wins in that). So before you post some fanboy facts, think, use brains.

  7. mURPHY tALESiNC says:

    crazy. You’re a FANBOY Mfor I touch idiot. The comments above make no sense wadsoever. This poster must have gone mad. If using custom firmware requires user’s labour and additional effort, and that is so undesired then i suggest you stay at home and sleep, because to buy an itouch, you need to work quite a few hours get your heatlh down a jiffy and walk to the store and THINK bout whether to buy 8 16 32 or 100000 gb Itouch. And then spend saliva to talk to the store owner and then make sure you install itunes and spend like 20 minutes converting your music library to aac format and then and then and then. AND THENN….., you cant spend 1 minute installing custom firmware? You’re not making any sense here. IDIOT.

  8. cjr605 says:

    Hm. So many people act like years of experience counts? yeah right.

    Apples new products are always better than the old products like psp’s and ds’s.

    There are SOOOOOOOOOOOOO many more app store games – why? because apple decided to be smart.

    Also, I want to scream at all the people for calling people fanboys. Just for liking ONE product from apple you are a fanboy? Thought not. By the way calling someone an apple fanboy makes you a fanboy for the company you support, douche bag.

  9. frank says:

    The touch has 8,16, or 32 GB. It doesn’t need Radio FM because you can listen to your favorite artists on the net or from your menu. It has calling that’s why there’s a IPHONE and a TOUCH. Speaking of it is more portable then the PSP. Apple has always been upgrading their products. Have you heard of the Nano-Chromatic? Even some songs,pod-casts,videos, and games are free! I’m gonna get the touch because it seems good and really worth it. I was gonna get the PSP but the touch seems better.

  10. @David Finkelstein

    it seems to be that the psp 3000 is unhackable (can’t install custom firmware), so I’m probably going to be going for the psp 2000 :(

    stupid anti-piracy companies…

  11. Why I’m getting a psp 3000 (after having tried out friends’):
    First of all, I need a portable, relatively light-weight device to watch movies, listen to music, and play games on the go.

    -removeable battery – meaning I can take it with me on camping trips, hikes, and wherever else you don’t have access to the magical wall socket.
    -addable storage. Nevermind prices, but I want to be able to add as much storage as I want. 16 gb cards are expensive, yes, but I actually have 12 2gb microsdhc cards, and a microsdhc => ms pro duo adapter is 8 bucks.
    -4.3 16:9 aspect ratio, 16million color screen with amazing tech specs.
    -more durable- I always feel like I’m going to break the ipod touch if I drop it, and any large case pretty much destroys the entire idea of a light, small, thin, portable all-doing godlike device. With the psp, I can put on a case and it’s none the worse for wear. Feels extremely durable and solid.
    -versatility- okay, so the ipodt/iphone win here, they can do pretty much everything, and THEN some. However, they aren’t nearly as easy to use for FREE.

    I’ll admit it, I’m extremely thrifty. I’ve never paid for a single song or video in my life. I’ve either downloaded them (LEGALY) from google, downloaded free tracks from websites, or watched videos on a website like alluc.org. The idea of shelling out a bunch of extra cash isn’t apealing, and I’d like to be able to simply and easily put all my media on a memory card and just plug and play. Backups are a sinch, and the psp is much more intuitive, in my opinion. The ipodt/iphone requires some geting used to. It is made to be very intuitive and easy, but I still prefer the solid feel of elegant menus and solid buttons under my fingers, call me crazy.
    After buying a psp game (many are extremely replayable and last longer, are better designed, more detailed, and in eveyr way more hard-core awsome than iphone downloadable apps), you can extract the iso, put it on a memory card, and put it on the psp (after downloading custom firmware, which is NOT illegal! It DOES void your warranty (i think), but sony isn’t going to sue you for it.), and play away.

    -fingerprints, or lack thereof.
    I don’t like the idea of the SCREEN being the CONTROLS, especially when you have to TOUCH the controls!, that is to say, the ipodtouch requires you to constantly swipe and tap, which leaves wonderful fingerprints, but isn’t all that productive otherwise.

    MOVIES: lets face it, when you want to watch a movie, you want the biggest, brightest, most vibrant, colorful, just downright beautiful screen yo ucan get. the iphone/ipodt is 3.5 inches compared to the psp’s 4.3. That’s .8 inches diagonally, which adds up to a lot of pixels and a LOT of space, 22%, to be exact. The psp’s screen is also just simply better, because is needs less layers between the screen and the top layer of glass or plastic. The psp also, as i mentioned, has a removeable battery, which means movie-marathons can go all night, and then some.

    -tumors- the psp can accept an extra-giant sized battery, the biggest being twice the size meant for the orginal fat psp, which gives you as much as 10-12 hours on a single charge.

    I can go on, but I think I’ve made my point.
    If you want really good gaming, go with the psp.

    If you want an extremely portable sub-ds quality gaming device with a plethora of other touch-screen abilities, go with the iphone or ipod touch, but realize that you’ll be charging overnight EVERY day, and if you run out, you’re out. Oh, and you’re stuck with however much storage you buy.

    In general, I want as much ability to “hack” my electronics as possible. I don’t want ot be locked into a particular music store/service, and I want to be able to use whatever program I want, such as windows explorer, to manage my stuff. call me crazy, but the psp is a great device that is very open to exploitation

    p.s.: want custom firmware? email me, or just google “pandora battery psp” :)

  12. gabe says:

    “Alfiejr” and “blah” post’s ended the whole argument who in there right mind is going to choose a psp of the slick sexy looking ipod touch. but on the same hand ipod touch is alot newer and more advanced ofcourse its going to be alot cooler and now is only $10 more than psp even in short run.

    so ipod touch rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have one and i use it for everything and all my friends are so jelous. my friend bought a ipod touch and threw away his psp cause it was so lame and huge.

  13. cheesy1 says:

    why doesn’t anyone talk about the ds ………it has a touch screen too =)

  14. Factsorfiction says:

    sorry to disappoint you Liverpool, the iPhone without a service plan is 500 and 600 dollars respectively and the psp is 169 + 30 for the headset for VOIP, $50 for the camera and still hundreds cheaper than the iphone. How is that better in your comparison? I can understand if you compare the touch to the psp but you get the point

  15. blah says:

    Wow, hey, your dick is bigger and shinier than mine, get a fucking life you fanboys, comparing a brand new PDA with a 5 year old gaming device.

  16. Boulder says:

    An iPhone without a service plan is an iPod Touch plus camera and potential VoIP device. Still way better than a PSP.

  17. DummyPLUG says:

    Great! Finally I can play pocket mon, FF on iphone/ipod!!!


    anyway, how can I get the UMD into the iphone/ipod?


  18. Ironcell says:

    @Clay – Thanks for dropping by, I totally understand, I know you aren’t trying to be negative for the sake of being negative, you bring up a lot of valid points.

    The Force Unleashed, looked promising, but couldn’t really deliver on the gameplay, the iPhone/iPod touch doesn’t really have a smash hit like you pointed out, but we should also keep in mind that the platform is still very young.

    The App Store just opened nearly 3 months ago. The rate of games being developed for the App Store is just astounding, already 1000 games in 3 months, mostly casual games though, but there are a few gems here and there.

    Since you are an iPhone owner as well, I’d like to save you some time and money, here’s a list of games I highly recommend and why.

    Enigmo – A puzzle game that isn’t about matching colors for once, the goal is to get water droplets from one container to another, it sounds simple but it’s quite challenging. The game has 50 levels, and also allows gamers like us to create custom levels to share with the community, so you can always download more content for the game for free, which is a great value.

    Racing Games – I can’t really pick a favorite yet, there’s something I like about all the racing games, Crash Bandicoot, Cro-Mag Rally, Asphalt 4, Raging Thunder. What is really interesting about racing games in general is how intuitive they are to control, I noticed this especially with girls, when they play racing games on a console, they tend to rotate the control like a steering wheel naturally, but with the iPhone that’s exactly how you steer, the iPhone itself is the steering wheel. I wasn’t a big believer myself in tilt steering, but you gotta try it out for yourself, it’s actually quite accurate, out of the games I listed the most responsive in terms of steering would be Crash Bandicoot or Ranging Thunder.

    A few other games that stand out are Flick Bowling, Line Rider iRide, Spore Origins, X-Plane 9 (only if you into realistic flight sims), Reign of Swords (crappy graphics excellent turn based strategy gameplay), Chopper, Vay (lengthly RPG), Missile Command (this one plays great with the touch screen), Galcon(RTS) and Aurora Feint (Free Puzzle).

    I don’t think people will be willing to pay the high prices of PSP games in the future, there is already a steady decline in PSP game developers, EDGE has a great article on this subject and explains it in great detail.

    The main take away idea here is the iPhone and iPod touch have great potential as a gaming platform, it’s a lot like the PS3 when it first came out, great hardware but it didn’t have any strong launch titles, which took a year later to start rolling in. But we all knew the PS3 had great potential we just had to give it some time for some great games to be developed.

    What really interest me most is id Software, John Carmack said he is working on 2 titles for the iPhone and iPod touch, one will be more of a casual type game and the second will be designed to push the iPhone’s hardware to the limit and we all know how good Carmack does this, he’s one of the biggest driving forces behind graphics improvements over the years.

    I’m looking forward to id software’s upcoming titles and also Need for Speed is my personal favorite.

    I never said the iPhone had better games than the PSP or DS, I mean the PSP/DS have been out for at least 4 years now, it’s a bit unfair to compare game libraries at this point, maybe further down the line yea.

    The list mainly focuses on what areas of gaming does the iPhone and iPod touch improve or do better than the PSP. The same list could be easily made for the iPhone and iPod touch stating why it’s worse than the PSP. There’s definitely plenty of valid points on both sides. It’s not really about the list, it’s more about the discussion after that list is posted, that’s where all the interesting dialogue happens.

  19. Clay says:

    These articles always pop up every week or so. I honestly really don’t get it. I guess I’m not iPhone gaming’s target market. I do think that the iPhone is the greatest gaming devices for DEVELOPERS, but not for gamers. Indy developers can get their games out much quicker, and don’t need a publisher like the other handhelds.

    To me it’s apples and oranges. I own a PSP, DS, and the iPhone.

    The iPhone has some great tech, and is the best phone ever invented, period. For gaming, currently, it is not on the same page as PSP or the DS. It is a great system for casual gaming.

    There just is no comparing any game for the iPhone with any of the 4 or 5 star games for PSP. What is the iPhone answer to games such as God of War, Metal Gear Solid, or Tekken? I won’t even bother going into the sports games. If I have somehow missed a stellar game on iTunes Store, please let me know. Perfect example is the new Force Unleashed game. To my knowledge this is one of the first cross platform games to come out. The iPhone version is a joke compared to the other systems. Granted, not the best example, cause the PSP version isn’t great either, but the scope of the game is huge compared to iPhones.

    As for the prices, you get what you pay for. The casual games that are always at the top of best sellers are priced appropriately. They are not the “huge bargain” that all these articles seem to point out. You can’t compare a casual game to a Grade A title such as Grand Theft Auto or Patapon for the PSP. These games take months longer to develop and it shows.

    I am also not a huge believer in the accelerometer that everyone raves about. It seems clunky and not precise. I have played several racing games on iPhone, and delete them within hours of playing. There is no substitute for analog sticks and hard buttons for real games.

    On the positive note, I do think that iPhone is the best gaming phone on the market. I absolutely love games like Texas Hold Em, Solebon, Sextuple Word. But, again these are casual games.

    The other advantage I see for the PSP is battery. Not only does it have replacable batteries, but I don’t have to worry about me missing a call after a long flight of playing games.

    Again, I don’t mean to be so negative. I actually do play poker on my iPhone more hours of the week than I play my PSP. Please, let me understand why the iPhone can’t just be happy with what it is, without trying to play in the portable gaming market claiming that they are the best?

  20. NiteX says:

    Yeah over half of that list is false, you completely failed at making the PSP and Sony look bad and made yourself look bad instead.

  21. special says:

    worst iphone and ipod fanboysm haven`t seen.We have bored you guys.You are the same all of you.You come to tell us something that we have it years ago in everything just to argue that you have it better because it is white,it has an apple on it,and it has an interface for idiots and costs $$$$$ more than ther rest.Oh get a life dudes

  22. Alfiejr says:

    well, the sales of the Touch vs. the PSP for the year starting 7/1/08 will decide this argument (if we can get Apple to release the info!). you’re right, no one buys the iPhone because of its games, so it’s in a different category. but the Touch and the PSP are pretty much going head-to-head. and both will continue to add/upgrade features via firmware updates and new Touch apps in the months ahead that make them even more similar. like VOIP for the Touch, and a real music store from Sony.

  23. Ironcell says:

    @Factsorfiction – our opinions differ greatly but I do appreciate you taking the time to post really thoughtful comments, it’s always great to see a story from both sides.

    And on the subject of bit torrents, yes I’ve used them in the past, now I get everything from iTunes, I realized that the amount of time and effort needed to use bit torrents greatly out weighs the benefits, time is money, I’ve even wasted whole days trying to find obscure songs I really wanted, when all I had to do was spend a few bucks on iTunes and have it instantly rather than doing all the leg work, and as I get older I’ve become more considerate towards content producers, and what I did in the past was wrong, people can change.

  24. Ironcell says:

    @Liverpool – iPod touch is also one payment.

  25. Factsorfiction says:

    yes I agree on psp for games to be free you’ll have to get it from bittorrent but there’s also the ps store. Sure most games are not there yet because the store is still somewhat new and very new to the psp. Rts games on a touch? Give me a keyboard a mouse please and until I can play wifi on the touch with other ppl around the world it’s still single player locally. Given the limited wifi hotspots you’re right it is not as widespread as your own house but it’s there and it’s fast becoming widely available. It’s definitely not hard to find. Every few blocks there’s a starbucks, barnes and noble, or borderswith a wifi connection. Tmobile also gives psp users free hotspot access where available so there you go. Reason 12 is still your opinion reason being is most people have big enough pockets to comfortably fit a psp slim unless of course you’re a fag who wears tightass pants.Also the majority that plays a psp are around the middle 20s. You’re right on one point you probably won’t see many ppl carrying psps around where ever they go but do you see anyone playing games on their iPhone while they shop or drive? Didn’t think so…I believe you are grouping the people that owns an iPhone to just play games on it as hardcore as you, but truth be told most of them use it as a phone or organizer. So there goes the vast amount of business users with iPhones narrowing the gamers down to the touch and casual gamers with too much time on their hands. The other post is right the touch and iPhone does have multitouch and the psp doesn’t but that’s user preference. The majority still prefer buttons over touching the screen and I encourage you to create a poll on that. The internet on the psp is slower but it’s there and just as capable as the iPhone. Also where can I listen to the Internet radio on the itouch without a wifi connection? Did I miss something? If you were talking about the iPhone then aren’t you paying a monthly fee for the service to be on the network? Aka Att? As for the illegal torrent downloads that you are so opposed to like it or not it’s there and most people are using it. You are so opposed to torrents I suppose you don’t use it then? But I bet you do so don’t be a hypocrit. I think this is a good enough read for you for now but until then enjoy!

  26. Liverpool says:

    What can your iphone do if you’re not paying for monthly service, i wonder? psp is a one time payment for operation. I don’t think there is much of a comparison here…

  27. Mr. Catch22 says:

    Wow, did you cut and paste this off a the back of the iphone box?

  28. Alfiejr says:

    ah yes, facts. not mentioned:

    - the PSP has a larger screen, which is definitely better.
    - yes a lot more buttons, but PSP not a touchscreen of course.
    - PSP wifi is very slow “b” – not “g” like Touch. expect upgrade tho.
    - no PSP accelerometer. maybe an upgrade too.
    - only a limited selection of PSP download games from Playstation store. most still need UMD. maybe that will change soon.
    - but yes, you can steal games via bittorrent for PSP but not Touch.
    - no PSP apps or app store with wide range of non-entertainment apps, so it’s not a multipurpose device.
    - PSP browser sucks, the Touch is great.
    - you can connect PSP to a TV and display, which is very nice.
    - nothing like iTunes to manage all your media for PSP, it’s all manual.
    - yes, prices. the PSP is $30 cheaper. that will buy you one or two games to get started. after that, you will spend far, far more buying PSP games than Touch games. watch, PSP game prices will have to come down a lot next year for it to survive.

    in sum, for hardcore gamers (and kids), PSP is the best choice. for everyone else, it’s the Touch. the PSP will never escape it’s “niche” no matter how hard Sony tries to morph it into something else. who over the age of 21 is going to carry a PSP in their purse or pocket?

  29. Ironcell says:

    @Factsorfiction – This is coming from a previous PSP owner, been there done that.

    1. You can download games to memory stick from PS store straight from the Psp or from any torrent sites no umd required.

    Really? Doesn’t that require homebrew which in itself has its own step by step guide that users need to follow to get it setup in the first place, going to torrent sites is just another added step and besides it’s illegal and morally wrong, is it so wrong for developers that worked hard to make a game actually be rewarded for their efforts?

    2. See above. Also downloading games from torrents are free

    See above.

    3. Psp is also a video/audio/Internet/fm radio/gaming with voice/cellphone through VOIP / and PDA all in one.

    That’s true the PSP does video/audio, but can you think of a legal way to easily fill your PSP with video/audio that the general public would be interested in? Please don’t bring up torrents again, that’s illegal and requires additional labor on the users part, unless you are lucky and the video has been already encoded for the PSP, you’ll need to use software like PSP video9 to get it in the right format.

    I’ve tried living with VOIP for one year as my only phone, Skype was my provider and Sony mylo was the VOIP device. I realized unless I lived in a place like San Francisco which is WiFi heaven, VOIP just isn’t practical, I was only able to make calls at my home wifi, the rest of the hotspots were locked once in a while I’d run into a mom and pop coffee shop that actually had free wifi, but this was definitely the exception to the rule. It may be doable depending on where you live, but for most it’s not really an option to replace a cell phone.

    As mentioned before the lack of easily accessible WiFi hotspots only makes Internet Radio that much less useful, at least on the iPhone you are always connected and can listen to Internet Radio any where you can get reception.

    PDA really? What PDA applications were you referring to. Even if there was, typing your daily task with gamepad controls just sounds painful, granted the iPhone’s virtual keyboard is not as good as a physical keyboard, but it sure beats typing with gamepad controls.

    4. Go on psp and access the ps store…did I mention you can download movies on there too?

    The games available for download are only a small fraction of PSP’s game library and are generally bargain bin titles that are past their prime.

    Having access to the large library of old PS1 games is definitely a big bonus, I won’t argue with that.

    The movie/tv shows available are really small in comparison to iTune’s 2.6K/30K movies/tv shows.

    5. See #1 and maybe your psp’s battery is messed up. But mine lasts 7hrs on gameplay with the umd

    It depends on the game, one example would be Midnight Club Racing, which is notorious for its long load times, the point is you will always get longer battery life using something like SSD vs something like an optical disc that requires spin to be read.

    6. Psp slim is 169 + 8gb memory stick pro 40. Still cheaper than the cheapest itouch.

    The price for PSP is pretty stable at 169, the price for the 8GB memory stick ranges from 40 to 100 dollars depending on where you buy from, and the ones that show 40 dollars are usually online shops that cost shipping so it usually ends up higher than 40. So the PSP+Memory could range any where from 210 to 250, the iPod touch is just 230 without the hassle of bargain shopping.

    7. Back up your entire psp by dragging and dropping folder onto desktop computer. Simple as that.

    Really? what about gamers that actually paid for their games, purchasing good old fashion UMDs, can you easily back that up too? I guess this is where you ask PSP owners to download games they already bought from torrent sites.

    8. Updates in game via wifi

    That’s if your game actually gets updated with new content.

    9. PS store

    Game updates for PSP are rare, when developers say they’ll add more content but never follow through, that just got me fed up with the PSP in general, the PSP is closer to a console, iPhone/iPod touch is more like a PC in terms of games, games are frequently updated with additional features.

    10. Try adhoc for local wireless gaming and when was the last time you and someone sat down and played a game on the touch or iPhone locally without a wifi connection?

    You’re right the iPod touch and iPhone lack adhoc, this is a feature I wish they had, not being able to play against another iPod touch user unless you are on the same WiFi hotspot is a bit lame.

    11. Less cookie cutter games? What about the multiple solitaire, tetris, wallbreaker, poker, I can go on and on about the cookie cutter apps in app store.

    True currently the library is filled with tons of those games, but keep in mind the App Store has only been open for nearly 3 months now, it took a good year before the PSP started dropping some must have titles.

    12. Can’t think of any other good reasons?

    Yea, the PSP is a brick, unless you wear baggy pants, the PSP is going to be a tight fit in your pocket, lots of people in my office have PSPs and it’s obvious b/c they all have this bulge in their pocket. If you’ve ever compared the iPod touch to the PSP the size difference is worlds apart.

    13. Ask anyone and 8 out of 10 will still prefer physical controls for gaming over jeopardizing screen space for controls

    The iPhone and iPod touch will get games that were never possible on the PSP, like RTS games for example, now i understand that may not be a game genre that interest you, but there is definitely gamers that do want this game genre badly, that’s just one example, there are more genres that are now possible.

    Now the lack of gamepad controls on the iPhone/iPod touch also means it can’t really play certain game genres well also, like fighting games is not nearly as easy as it would be with gamepad controls.

    14. Psp games cost 30 and greatest hits cost 10-20 and games are much more developed.

    That’s a bit of a stretch, it’s still vastly more expensive on a factor of 2 to 3 times. Greatest hits aka old games.

    15. Psp drag and drop files to and from folder without the need for wifi or computer specific itunes connection and restricted video/audio formats.

    I’d rather have restricted video/audio format in order to get access to a larger library of content. MP4 isn’t exactly the worst video format, it’s actually what the PSP uses as well, and AAC is the best bang for your storage space, of course it’s no FLAC in terms of quality.

    16. More powerful processor doesn’t mean more fun. Take the ps3 and wii for instance.

    Good point, just saying the potential is there, just like the PS3 has potential to be great, here’s to hoping Little Big Planet is awesome.

  30. Factsorfiction says:

    To respond to your fanboyism of the iPhone and hopefully to clear your mind from the aesthetic appeals of Apple’s devices here’s a list of 16 rebuttals to your why iPhone itouch is better than psp post. Next time research a bit before you let your feelings obscure the facts.

    1. You can download games to memory stick from PS store straight from the Psp or from any torrent sites no umd required.

    2. See above. Also downloading games from torrents are free

    3. Psp is also a video/audio/Internet/fm radio/gaming with voice/cellphone through VOIP / and PDA all in one.

    4. Go on psp and access the ps store…did I mention you can download movies on there too?

    5. See #1 and maybe your psp’s battery is messed up. But mine lasts 7hrs on gameplay with the umd

    6. Psp slim is 169 + 8gb memory stick pro 40. Still cheaper than the cheapest itouch

    7. Back up your entire psp by dragging and dropping folder onto desktop computer. Simple as that

    8. Updates in game via wifi

    9. PS store

    10. Try adhoc for local wireless gaming and when was the last time you and someone sat down and played a game on the touch or iPhone locally without a wifi connection?

    11. Less cookie cutter games? What about the multiple solitaire, tetris, wallbreaker, poker, I can go on and on about the cookie cutter apps in app store

    12. Can’t think of any other good reasons?

    13. Ask anyone and 8 out of 10 will still prefer physical controls for gaming over jeopardizing screen space for controls

    14. Psp games cost 30 and greatest hits cost 10-20 and games are much more developed.

    15. Psp drag and drop files to and from folder without the need for wifi or computer specific itunes connection and restricted video/audio formats

    16. More powerful processor doesn’t mean more fun. Take the ps3 and wii for instance

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