iPhone the ‘perfect storm’ for MMO mobile gaming?

Massively a MMO centric news website, has written an interesting article on the subject of MMOGs on portable devices, in this comparison he focuses on the Nintendo DSi, Sony PSP 3000 and iPhone.

“If you aren’t already an iPhone owner, you want to be one. It’s hard not to adopt that posture, given the explosive popularity of Apple’s cellphone renaissance. It’s a ‘perfect storm’ of features and technology: a touch screen, a crisp display, the App Store, the iTunes music store, AT&T’s email and internet access all combine to offer the ultimate online/offline device. It’s a toy compared to the business functionality of a Blackberry, but ultimately toys are what we’re talking about here. It’s also, without a doubt, the most likely destination for a full-on MMO in the next year or two. Rapid low-cost development is possible for the platform via Apple’s SDK. The constant presence of an iPhone in your pocket is a guarantee that you’ll participate in any loaded online world.” -  Michael Zenke of Massively.com

The biggest strength of the iPhone is how well connected the device is, never before have we had a device with robust hardware to play games on and also have the connectivity of a mobile phone all rolled into one.

As most have learned, MMOs typically need large investments of time to advance in the game and that doesn’t exactly bode well for portable devices, their one glaring weakness is battery life after all. Although the idea of MMOs on portable devices sounds great, but we’ll still need to be tethered to power outlets if we plan to get a serious session of MMO gaming.

This hasn’t stopped game developers from dreaming big though, Anrufen Online looks to be the most promising MMORPG in development for the iPhone.

Also, Joystiq has posted a features comparison chart for DSi, PSP 3000 and iPhone.

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