Game Name: Fieldrunners
Platforms: iPhone, iPod touch
Publisher(s): Subatomic Studios
Developer(s): Subatomic Studios
Genre(s): Strategy
Release Date: Sep 29, 2008
Price: $4.99
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Even with the lack of sound, Fieldrunners is by far the best Tower Defense game for the iPhone and iPod touch, because of its visually appealing graphics and excellent gameplay.

In Tower Defense games your goal is to defend the exit, to make sure no enemies make it through by placing towers on the map strategically. Players get money each time they kill an enemy, this money can be spent on building more towers or upgrading pre-existing ones.

In Fieldrunners you’ll deal with various enemies such as foot soldiers, motorbikes, helicopters, tanks and even mechs, all these enemies have their weaknesses. To deal with them you’ll have four tower types in your arsenal.

  • Gatling Tower: Great tower for quickly constructing defenses. Dirt cheap and surprisingly powerful. What this tower lacks in range it makes up for in its low price and damage.
  • Goo Tower: This tower is a must for those sticky situations when you need to slow a fieldrunner down. This tower reduces enemy movement rate and the effect increases with each upgrade.
  • Missile Tower: A great defense against air units. The missile tower’s explosive damage hits multiple targets at once. This tower has a very long range.
  • Lightning Tower: An ultimate weapon of devastation. This tower fires a single bolt of lightning that incinerates most fieldrunners in seconds.

Trying out different tower arrangements is what makes Fieldrunners so fun, the number of possible tower arrangements seems limitless, this is what gives the game such high replay value.

As you play you may find your tower arrangement is vulnerable to a specific type of enemy, for example, if a wave of helicopters manages to reach the exit that would be the sign to add stronger towers in the middle of the map where the helicopters travel.

Besides placement of towers, players will also need consider what tower combinations they should use. The Goo and Missile Tower make an excellent combo. The Missile Tower does splash damage hitting multiple targets in a given area, the Goo Tower amplifies this by slowing enemies down causing them to bunch up more than they normally would.

Players even have the option to upgrade their towers or sell them if they are no longer useful. To bring up the upgrade/sell option simply tap on the tower.

Fieldrunners is one of those games that plays best on a touchscreen, a gamepad although doable is hardly ideal for this type of game. In Fieldrunners you can actually zoom in and out by pinching the screen, just like you would in the Photo app of the iPhone and iPod touch. Placement of towers couldn’t be easier, just drag and drop the tower where you want it.

I had a great time playing Fieldrunners, it’s one of my personal favorite iPhone games at this time. The game will be even better once the update is released which will add sound and music.

Fieldrunners is a must have for any strategy game fan, even if you aren’t big on strategy games, you may want to look at a few screenshots and gameplay videos before making up your mind.

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  2. Steve Rhee says:

    fieldrunners came out on verizon. is that as good as iphone/touch version?

    • Ironcell says:

      Hey Steve, I haven’t tried playing Fieldrunners on any of the Verizon phones. It’s definitely possible there could be another phone that plays Fieldrunners just as well as it plays on the iPhone. For a phone to play Fieldrunners well it would need a large touchscreen around 3.5″ or greater.

      The touchscreen of the iPhone is why Tower Defense games are so popular in the App Store. Gamepads and keypads aren’t particularly well suited for Tower Defense style games.

  3. tniz says:

    are there any other games like this online?

  4. rodrigo says:

    how can i download this game for my pc?

  5. Ted says:

    Good game, but hopefully they will include the update for new towers/sound soon.

  6. Ironcell says:

    @jk – I’m glad you liked the way the images were displayed in this article, thanks for reading :)

  7. jk says:

    Nice work with the JPG elements in the article. I wish more site would do something like this.

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