Nanosaur 2 by Pangea Software hits the App Store

Nanosaur 2 (App Store) by Pangea Software is now available in the App Store for $3.99. Based on past Pangea games I’m sure Nanosaur 2 will serve up some of the best graphics available on the iPhone.

I’ve written in the past about how well flight games would work on the iPhone, StarSmasher is a great example of how well flight games play on the iPhone, it’s good to see the flight game genre growing with the addition of Nanosaur 2 and Mister Bumblebee Racing Champion.

Developer’s Description

“Nanosaur 2: Hatchling is the ultimate flying battle game for your iPhone or iPod Touch! You pilot a flying dinosaur from the future who’s mission is to locate stolen dinosaur eggs and return them to saftey by throwing them into wormholes. You’ll battle other dinosaurs and mechanized sentries while collecting various power-ups and weapons such as heat-seeking missles, blasters, bombs, etc.”


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  1. Ironcell says:

    @Alex – I totally agree, the graphics are really outstanding, a great game to show your friends what the iPod touch and iPhone can do.

  2. Alex says:

    I bought this last night, and it is *easily* the best game for the iPhone so far! It blows me away! I had no idea my iPod could do this.

  3. [...] does share some similarities with Nanosaur 2, both being flight games, but that’s about as far as it goes. Rather than going on a [...]

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