Game Name: Kroll
Platforms: iPhone, iPod touch
Publisher(s): Digital Legends
Developer(s): Digital Legends
Genre(s): Arcade, Action
Release Date: Sep 27, 2008
Price: $7.99
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Back when Kroll was first debuted at Apple’s 2008 WWDC I was impressed with graphics, like many of you, I was anxiously waiting for Kroll to appear in the App Store.

Kroll finally arrived late September, my initial impressions were quite positive, the graphics were actually better than I had hoped for and the game ran at a smooth frame rate.

In Kroll your controls consist of move, fast attack, heavy attack and special attack. The special attack is an area of effect move, available once you’ve maxed your power bar by killing enough enemies.

The gameplay left a lot to be desired. It was essentially a mindless bash fest, there is very little depth to this game. Even the enemies were boring, rather than facing a wide variety of foes in Kroll you get to fight the same set of enemies in all 3 chapters, they only differ by appearance. Just slap another coat of paint on and call it a day.

Besides graphics, there is one other aspect of the game I did enjoy, the boss fights. Rather than using normal attacks, in boss fights you tap on skulls as they appear on the screen, challenging your timing and touchscreen accuracy.

In the end, Kroll is a graphically rich iPhone game that lacks compelling gameplay, with only 3 chapters, most gamers will be able to beat Kroll in less than one hour. I really wanted to like Kroll, but it’s just missing that fun factor other top iPhone games have.

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