Combat Flight Sim ‘Flying Aces’ coming to the iPhone in November

SnakeHead Software has recently announced the first combat flight sim for the iPhone, Flying Aces, scheduled for release in November 2008.

When watching the gameplay video of Flying Aces, the first game that comes to mind is X-Plane. Although I did enjoy the realism offered by X-Plane, I’m even more excited about this upcoming combat flight sim.

The ranking system feature is a great way to add more replay value, but instead of just competing for the highest score, SnakeHead Software could make Flying Aces a must have by implementing head-to-head player combat. *Crosses Fingers*


  • Thrilling High Speed Action
  • Compete against other iPhone players
  • Accelerometer flight control, just like a real flight-stick
  • Fantastic graphics and special effects
  • Power-Ups for added strategy
  • Ranking system vs. other players

Gameplay Video

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  1. Thanks for the nice comments. A Head-to-Head multiplayer version is a planed upgrade after the initial release.

  2. How about porting this to the Mac? I could use a nice flight sim on my desktop.

    • Ironcell says:

      @Mark Crummett – I’m with ya on that one. It’s great that the iPhone and iPod touch are getting so much support from game developers, but I’d also like to see this happen on the Mac.

      I think things may start to change though for Mac gaming, there is a shift happening.

      Apple’s push for better graphics on all their products is all about preparing for the coming of Snow Leopard next year, which will have OpenCL and Grand Central.

      OpenCL takes advantage of the GPU, when normally it would be idle for most task.

      As a side bonus, Mac gamers will benefit from this push, since all future macs will have relatively strong GPUs, compared to what they previously had.

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