‘Fastlane Street Racing’ now available in the App Store

Another great racing game makes its way to the App Store, Fastlane Street Racing (AppStore) is now available for the iPhone and iPod touch.

I mentioned in the previous post about how impressive the graphics looked in the screenshots. After getting some hands on time with the game, I can definitely say, Fastlane Street Racing does not disappoint in the graphics department. The screenshots don’t do this game justice, when you see the game in motion you’ll be blown away by the superb graphics, definitely top notch out of all the racing games currently available on the iPhone.

Fastlane Street Racing ran smooth for the most part, I only experienced a few slow downs. This is an important quality for a racing game, any graphics lag could easily take away from responsive steering.

Like other iPhone racers, you steer your car by tilting your iPhone and use the touchscreen for brakes and gas. You can drift around corners by tapping on the brakes as you make your turn.

This is a solid racer with excellent graphics, the detailed environments really add to the experience, the only feature missing is a multiplayer option.


  • 5 Game modes
  • High detail 3D graphics
  • Advanced lighting and effects
  • 10 Original cars
  • 8 Fun and challenging city routes
  • 2 High speed race circuits
  • 6 Challenge tracks
  • Races can be saved as replays


Gameplay Video

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  1. Ironcell says:

    @Constable Odo – Thanks for the thoughtful comment, just wanted to mention they have a position bar at the top of the screen that will show your position relative to the other racers.

  2. Constable Odo says:

    OK. The iPhone might not be a dedicated gaming device, but this looks pretty good for a casual game on a cellphone. The only thing that look kind of odd was the way the billboards popped up suddenly and disappeared instantly instead of slowly coming in to view or slowly dwindling. I don’t even care about that stuff, but it does look a little odd. In some ways it reminds me of early versions of Ridge Racer, but it doesn’t match up to even Ridge Racer 2 PSP in terms of polish. I don’t expect it to considering it’s low cost.

    It just looks like it would be fun to race. Since it was in playback mode, I don’t know if there are any options for a speedometer, position ranking and track layout. I guess those things can be added at a later time with updates.

    Overall, things do look rather smooth, so it should be fun to race while killing time. If this sort of gaming can be done on a cellphone that just happens to be used for games, I could only imagine if Apple built a real gaming device. If game companies could be seduced, Apple could really become a major mobile gaming and media force.

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