Doom Resurrection

Doom Resurrection
Game Name: Doom Resurrection
Platforms: iPhone, iPod touch
Publisher(s): id Software
Developer(s): id Software, Escalation Studios
Genre(s): Shooter
Release Date: June 26, 2009
Price: $9.99
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When id Software first announced Doom Resurrection for the iPhone I was really excited. But soon after the initial shock faded, reality set in. Every shooter I’ve played in the App Store has been mediocre at best, with the exception of Metal Gear Solid Touch which was quite good, admittedly not ground breaking though.

I started to question the direction id Software was planning to take Doom Resurrection in, an on-rails shooter? Blah, how could id Software do such a thing. The company has been making the best FPS games for years and every single one of them had free look.

But then I thought about my past experience with other App Store FPS titles such as Cube, using the accelerometer to control free look was incredibly frustrating. All the excessive tilting made it difficult to focus on the iPhone’s screen, perhaps dropping free look out of the equation was the right move after all.

Regardless of species, all males have the same weakness.

The release of Doom Resurrection came out of the blue. I was on the road when I found out, so I drove to the closest Starbucks and started downloading the game over Wi-Fi. Right there at the house of over priced coffee I had my first taste of Doom Resurrection.

I must have looked strange to onlookers, tilting and shaking my iPhone while making awkward facial expressions as zombies would attack me out of seemingly no where. But none of that mattered because I was having a blast.

In Doom Resurrection your crosshair isn’t locked to the center of the screen, you actually control the crosshair’s position by tilting the iPhone. It was a smart move by id Software to avoid touchscreen aiming which could have easily turned Doom Resurrection into an over glorified whac-a-mole with a $9.99 price tag.

Of course when using the tilt controls for more than just steering wheel type motion, you run into the issue of visibility. Excessive tilting will make anyone’s gaming experience miserable, what fun is a game if you spend half the time looking at the shell of your iPhone instead of the screen.

No worries though, Doom Resurrection passed the visibility test with flying colors. The game was easily viewable even when tilting the iPhone to aim at targets. What made this possible was the highly sensitive accelerometer, this kept tilting to a minimum. Even though the tilt controls were very sensitive I was still able to aim accurately. It was a pleasant surprise, I didn’t know the accelerometer was that capable.

Currently there is no shooter like Doom Resurrection in the App Store. What really sets Doom Resurrection apart from the competition is the graphics and variety of gameplay challenges.

Hugging, ear nibbling, I should have known the movie and dinner wasn't free.

On top of tilt aiming to shoot monsters, you’ll also need to dodge incoming projectiles like fireballs from imps or take cover from machine gun fire. And don’t forget to put your sharpshooting skills to good use, because headshots do count in Doom Resurrection.

There’s also nice interactive features like shaking the iPhone to break free from unwanted zombie hugs. If left unchecked zombie hugs usually lead to gentle ear nibbles, and after the foreplay comes the inevitable brain feast. So don’t hesitate to shake your iPhone like a madman even in public.

Seriously though, if you consider yourself an iPhone or iPod touch gamer in the slightest, do yourself a favor and buy Doom Resurrection. When it comes to App Store shooters Doom Resurrection is hands down the best I’ve played.

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  2. Arcus says:

    Excellent game, but on mine iPhone 3g brakes a little: ( The drawing super, but to PSP nevertheless it is far.

  3. [...] states Resident Evil 4 as “The best 3D graphics to date on iPhone”. With games like Doom Resurrection in the App Store it’s hard to take their words [...]

  4. knuckles says:

    Best app I’ve put on my 3GS,so glade to see id bring this to the iPhone,even though its a rail shooter its still alot of fragging,lock and download!!

  5. Ironcell says:


    Definitely a great way to describe Doom Resurrection. I heard id Software has plans to release many more titles for the iPhone. Hopefully they make full use of OpenGL 2.0 ES like you mentioned.

  6. DasEFX says:

    The best description of this game would be, “It’s like playing The House of the Dead” but on an iPhone with Awesome Sound & Graphics. Genius move by Mr. Carmack and the game Developers. Best spent $9.99 ever :) , can’t wait for what they will surely be doing for OpenGL 2.0 ES.

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