Valve’s Portal ported to the iPhone

A video has surfaced on YouTube showcasing Valve’s popular mind-bending puzzle game, Portal, running on the iPhone.

The video indicates that the Unity engine was used to produce this port. The Unity engine is multi-platform development tool that can produce games for Windows, Mac, Wii and iPhone. Zombieville being the most notable App Store game to date built with the Unity engine.

Valve hasn’t made any official announcements about plans to bring Portal to the iPhone, so odds are this port was produced by fans to test the limits of the iPhone, and it looks like the iPhone 3G didn’t break a sweat running Portal. So how about it Valve, can we get an official port already?

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  1. Justin Perry says:

    He doesn’t have the app on the menu he selects settings I am on my iPhone so tell me if the I on is there but this is too fake I saw the screen move off of the phone as well for a few seconds agreeing to the comments saying its edited to go with finger movements. The first thing is what app does he choose?; settings it appears

  2. fools says:

    he’s using Unity Game Engine, it’s not a port, he just took the models and did a C# or javascript. My company uses this engine for our games.
    oscreality should have done their homework before posting this waste of time.

  3. 5318008 says:

    I wonder if this was made with that LivePlay thing?

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  6. umm says:

    Wouldn’t it be easier to fake it by recording the video beforehand then playing it back on the iphone fullscreen and faking the thumb input?

  7. Zedo Mann says:

    It doesn’t look like it would be as fun as Portal on the PC or console. Also, it looks pretty low quality.

  8. Tim says:

    The lighting and the weighted cube look different from in-game, not to mention the portals themselves (and the lack of firing animation). It’s possible that they did make this, although, they might have made only this level, and just the few models in it. Honestly I’d be more impressed if the video itself were fake than if the game were real, because it looks very realistic.

  9. dan says:


    He simply moved his hands around the iphone when it was just showing a dark blue screen. then he used open source video software to replace the blue with a video he recorded after on his pc to match his iphone movements.

    Not bad for a fake, but not real at least not yet.

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