Chillingo’s Inkvaders Coming Soon to the iPhone

Buzz Lightyear goes postal

Chillingo notified us about their upcoming iPhone shooter, Inkvaders. To say it’s graphically stunning is an understatement, good lord, this game is gory beyond belief. The cartoonish graphics are a bit misleading. Could you imagine some 7 year old kid loading up this game. At first everything would seem fine, nice cartoony graphics great for the kids, then bam! Alien guts go flying every where. Ok so maybe it won’t be that bad. The kid will just grow up thinking all heads are filled with watermelon goodness.

In Inkvaders you’ll play as a generic marine, also known as G, the goal of the game is simple, kill every last one of those bastard aliens and make them regret ever coming to your planet. To get the job done and do it well, you’ll have access to 15 weapons that range from rocket launchers to beam weapons and everything between. Throughout stages you’ll collect Martian rocks and meteors to fund your weapon upgrades. The game will include 30 stages spread across three unique locations. Inkvaders will be submitted to the App Store in a matter of weeks, so the release shouldn’t be much longer.


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