Arcade Action RPG Alien Shooter II: Vengeance makes it to Mac OS X

Sigma Team has just released a brand new game.

Okay. No. It’s not brand new. But better late than never. Right?

The sequel to Alien Shooter, Alien Shooter II (Alien Shooter: Vengeance) was released in 2007 for the PC. Two years later, it finally finds its way to the Mac. And, surprise surprise, the game revolves around shooting aliens.

A blend of RPG and arcade action, the sequel takes up where the first game left off. Alien Shooter II features a number of advantageous changes over the first game. For starters, the game has three modes—campaign, survival, and multiplayer. You’re given a choice of one out of eight possible characters, all with different starting stats, and a choice of one out of eight possible perks. The perk is permanent though, so choose wisely.

And by wisely I mean whatever sounds the coolest.

As you kill everything that moves, and occasionally do something other than slapping your Fire 1 button, your chosen hero gains experience. And where there’s experience, there’s leveling up—and, by association, increased stats for a bigger and badder hero.

To help you on your merry journey are a number of items attainable by reaching into your in-game wallet, taking a handful of currency, and throwing it at the occasional shop terminal that comes your way. Buy weapons, armor, ammunition, implants, more weapons, and a number of different gadgets. Did I mention more weapons? The game offers over 50 different kinds with which to slaughter the hoard of enemies your hero inevitably encounters.

You can even share your escapades with other like-minded alien shooting individuals online. Once you complete the game, you can upload your scores to a global scoreboard. (But cheaters beware—the game knows all and sees all.)

Highly entertaining, and relatively cheap, Alien Shooter: Vengeance clocks out at $19.95 and is compatible with Mac OS X 10.5 or higher.



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