Game Name: Peggle
Platforms: iPhone, iPod touch
Publisher(s): PopCap Games
Developer(s): PopCap Games
Genre(s): Arcade
Release Date: May 6, 2009
Price: $4.99
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The best part of Peggle is making those seemingly impossible shots happen. I still remember my first WTF BBQ moment. I was down to my last shot, and I still had 3 orange pegs to hit. I managed to bank my shot off an orange peg to hit the a second one, then as the ball was falling into the abyss no where close to hitting the last orange peg, it bounces off the rim of the ball catcher and hits the last orange peg!

And the coolest part is you get to record these WTF BBQ moments, so you can share your best shots with your buddies. After you make the shot just tap on the camera icon in the lower right hand corner and you’ll get an instant replay and the option to save.

Peggle also includes a duel mode (pass-n-play), which can be a lot of fun with the right people. but if you’re anything like me, all the people you know have either never played Peggle or only played it briefly. So I always end up feeling like a bully asking my friends or co-workers to play against me.

When it comes to casual gaming, Peggle is king on the iPhone. The game is easy to understand and has wide spread appeal, pretty much anyone can learn and enjoy Peggle with just a few minutes of play. If you’re looking for some casual gaming fun, don’t hesitate to grab this App Store gem, Peggle is worth every penny.

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  1. Arc says:

    Interesting game, but too children’s design.

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