Words With Friends

Words With Friends
Game Name: Words With Friends
Platforms: iPhone, iPod touch
Publisher(s): Newtoy
Developer(s): Newtoy
Genre(s): Word play
Release Date: Jul 06, 2009
Price: $2.99
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When Newtoy first broke into the iPhone gaming scene, there weren’t any games that took full advantage of the iPhone’s connectivity, that was until they released Chess With Friends. Their game was perfect for the iPhone on so many levels.

Chess is a complex game that requires a lot of thought for each move and considering the busy world we live in, it can be challenging to set aside enough time to play one Chess game from start to finish.


Chess With Friends solved all these problems, by allowing players to play correspondence style Chess. This form of Chess is played over a span of hours, days or even weeks. Once a player submits a move, he waits for his opponent to enter the app to make their move, and so on.

Now this may sound like an excruciatingly slow way to play Chess, but you always have the option of starting multiple Chess matches to keep yourself busy. And due to the always online nature of the iPhone you can make a move anytime you have a spare moment in your day.

Now take all those great features from Chess With Friends and apply it to a word game like Scrabble, then you get Newtoy’s latest release Words With Friends. I’ve been playing Words With Friends for the past week or so, and it works just as advertised, easy to use and fun to play.

Just like Scrabble, your goal is to outscore your opponent by using as many letters as possible to spell words, using rare letters and placing letters on top of premium squares to multiply your points. So there shouldn’t be any real surprises for fans of Scrabble, you’ll get the classic gameplay you’ve always enjoyed but now with added convenience of portable online play.

You’ll have the option of playing pass-n-play mode, online with a friend in your contact list or a random opponent.

Words With Friends also allows players to chat with one another, which is always a cool feature to have in any multiplayer game.

One of the reasons I love to play word games like Words With Friends is for the educational value. It’s really nice to have a good time and also learn a thing or two while I play. Which brings me to my last point, it would be great if Newtoy could add an in-game feature to show definitions of words placed on the board.

Now I do realize this feature could potentially ruin Words With Friends if implemented incorrectly. Instead of giving players full access to the dictionary, they would double tap any word already submitted to the board to reveal their definition.

Normally I feel a bit reserved in saying something is the best, but in this case I have no doubts, Words With Friends is the best word game in the App Store today. If you’re a fan of Scrabble don’t miss out on this excellent App Store release.

Update: I’ve posted a Beginner’s Guide to Words With Friends, the guide includes complete Word List and Letter Distribution.

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  1. susan van deest says:

    My words with friends is frozen and not responding. Will not open

  2. Mary says:

    I would like to delete an idle player to make room for more games.

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