Words With Friends

Words With Friends
Game Name: Words With Friends
Platforms: iPhone, iPod touch
Publisher(s): Newtoy
Developer(s): Newtoy
Genre(s): Word play
Release Date: Jul 06, 2009
Price: $2.99
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When Newtoy first broke into the iPhone gaming scene, there weren’t any games that took full advantage of the iPhone’s connectivity, that was until they released Chess With Friends. Their game was perfect for the iPhone on so many levels.

Chess is a complex game that requires a lot of thought for each move and considering the busy world we live in, it can be challenging to set aside enough time to play one Chess game from start to finish.


Chess With Friends solved all these problems, by allowing players to play correspondence style Chess. This form of Chess is played over a span of hours, days or even weeks. Once a player submits a move, he waits for his opponent to enter the app to make their move, and so on.

Now this may sound like an excruciatingly slow way to play Chess, but you always have the option of starting multiple Chess matches to keep yourself busy. And due to the always online nature of the iPhone you can make a move anytime you have a spare moment in your day.

Now take all those great features from Chess With Friends and apply it to a word game like Scrabble, then you get Newtoy’s latest release Words With Friends. I’ve been playing Words With Friends for the past week or so, and it works just as advertised, easy to use and fun to play.

Just like Scrabble, your goal is to outscore your opponent by using as many letters as possible to spell words, using rare letters and placing letters on top of premium squares to multiply your points. So there shouldn’t be any real surprises for fans of Scrabble, you’ll get the classic gameplay you’ve always enjoyed but now with added convenience of portable online play.

You’ll have the option of playing pass-n-play mode, online with a friend in your contact list or a random opponent.

Words With Friends also allows players to chat with one another, which is always a cool feature to have in any multiplayer game.

One of the reasons I love to play word games like Words With Friends is for the educational value. It’s really nice to have a good time and also learn a thing or two while I play. Which brings me to my last point, it would be great if Newtoy could add an in-game feature to show definitions of words placed on the board.

Now I do realize this feature could potentially ruin Words With Friends if implemented incorrectly. Instead of giving players full access to the dictionary, they would double tap any word already submitted to the board to reveal their definition.

Normally I feel a bit reserved in saying something is the best, but in this case I have no doubts, Words With Friends is the best word game in the App Store today. If you’re a fan of Scrabble don’t miss out on this excellent App Store release.

Update: I’ve posted a Beginner’s Guide to Words With Friends, the guide includes complete Word List and Letter Distribution.

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  1. Alice says:

    All of my words with friends games are frozen on the pass line. HELP !!

  2. C Donnell says:

    I don’t understand this game. Do the sides have different set of letters? I only had an X left on my side. I passed back to my opponent. they came back and won with VUg – V and U being new letters to form that weren’t on the board before.

  3. Gerry says:

    Are chat messages charged as text messages when using an iPhone??

  4. Rick says:

    this game seriously needs in game volume control
    the sounds are ridiculously annoying

  5. deb says:

    I’m starting to believe that WWF just is not compatible with the Samsung Galaxy 10.1. It “force closes” constantly and I can’t even remove it from my tablet. There’s no uninstall for the program, just for updates. I thought maybe if I uninstalled and reinstalled it, the game would play correctly. Also, there doesn’t seem to be a “paid version” available. I’d gladly pay to play the game if it worked right!!

  6. Ann says:

    What’s the etiquette surrounding the start of a new game? Should it be the winner or the loser of the previous game who starts the next one?

  7. Joycemac says:

    To play a BINGO you must play all 7 tiles from your rack. Not 6 added to a tile in play as suggested in your writing. Just an FYI.

  8. Cristina says:

    Why does it sometimes only give me the option to ‘resign’, ‘swap’, ‘pass’, or ‘shuffle’ when I have the tiles to play. I’ve been winnin the whole game, and this inability to play my words is lettin my opponent catch up. I was about to win the game. It’s quite frustrating. Please answer this for me.

  9. [...] options. Below is a 2009 review of the game with some screenshots to give you a clearer picture:http://osxreality.com/2009/08/09…This answer .Please specify the necessary improvements. Edit Link Text Show answer summary [...]

  10. maxine says:

    I now have 3 opponents I don’t know and want to remove them. Please give me a step by step process for deleting them from my iphone. Thank you.

  11. Pennie says:

    This game is so unfair………….There is no way to contact the entity in charge when there is a complaint. Plus there is no way to learn the rules prior to playing.
    I play from my android and it depressed me last night.

    I tried to put in the word ‘tattoo and it wouldnt let me. Well then someone puts in ‘tits’
    What the F*&%# is up with that??????????

    I dont appreciate it and I will find out who I can report it to and I will.
    Oh and ps……it also would not let me put in a state. Yes a state…’ohio’….. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THAT?????????????????????????????????

  12. jennifer Crandall says:

    help me i am stuck for games on moblie i am stuck what i do

  13. Dave in SA says:

    I would also know how to put an icon next to my user name.


  14. Michelle says:

    This game is driving me insane. For the last few hours, I attempt to play, but im just getting ‘updating game’ but its not updating game. My friends seem to be having ni issues with it

  15. Sheila Simpson says:

    I am having the problem someone mentioned earlier. All my games seem to be frozen. I get no play option when my opponents respond, only pass, swap or resign. I have uninstalled & reinstalled four times!!! No help. I am now trying to resign all my games & install again, but have one opponent who hasn’t played back so I can resign. What’s the deal with this freeze up??? Can anyone help? Please e-mail me if you can!! Or if you answer I think this site will e-mail me!! I just need help!! Love the game, but can’t play!!! :(

  16. Allison says:

    How do I block an opponent through words with friends using an iPhone 4?

  17. I went into random opponent and for some reason you set up three of the same under the name of lalalalouise, I would appreciate if you would delete at least wo of these. You also need to shorten the length of time an opponent goes without playing, In my opinion eleven days is way to long

  18. jan says:

    How do you swap letter ?

  19. Roxy says:

    How can you delete opponents from words with friends?

  20. GodDad says:

    I have searched everywhere. Players will join a game with me. We will play for awhile or sometimes only a few moves. They will begin accusing me of cheating. Then, they suddenly win on a 3 letter word. The game stays in my iphone list of previous games forever! Instead of having a tile with a letter next to the game, it has a tile with I guess a hazard sign in it. Has anyone seen this?

  21. Terri P Tepper says:

    My game won’t allow me to make a play. It is frozen. I’ve tried everything. Reinstalled. Then reinstalled and didn’t open ap until I reset my apple iphone. I can not play any of the 6 games with different friends. Any suggestions?

  22. LeanneSP says:

    Can I retrieve old games or conversations?

  23. Linda says:

    How do you play words. With friends on the droid?!!

    • Ironcell says:

      That’s a good question.

      • Alice says:

        What’s the maximum number if days that an opponent can be idle (not take their turn) before they forfeit the game? I currently have an opponent that hasn’t made a move in 8 days–very annoying. I also wish there was a way at the end of a game to see the letters of the opponents rack—when the finish game tallys, be able to see that you scored 6 additional pooints sue to their remaining C, A, and T.

  24. Nikki says:

    How do you remove sounds in words for friends?

  25. [...] Probably the best and most concise way to describe this game for those who are not familiar with Words with Friends is to regard it as  a generic version of Scrabble® with a “diamond-shaped” versus an “X-shaped” distribution of bonus-point tiles. For a more in-depth review as well as a Beginner’s Guide to this highly popular game developed by Newtoy, visit: http://osxreality.com/2009/08/09/words-with-friends-review/ [...]

  26. bebe says:

    How can I put an icon next to my username?

  27. eric says:

    I had two words with friends accounts on the same email address but on different phones. Now I can only access one account, from either phone. How do I go back to being able to access the separate accounts from the respective phones?

    • Stacey says:

      Did you get an answer to this? I have an account with lower case on the free version and upper case on the paid version. Been trying to figure out how to delete the free/lower one, because people can’t find me or send me games to an account I don’t use.

  28. Pete says:

    Don’t bother buying this game. The interface is slow and buggy. The game freezes up frequently, especially at start up. The folks at Newtoy have not bothered investing in any better hardware or in support apparently. Bugs or issues reported to them sit for days without any response, possibly never. I’d recommend getting the free game instead, don’t waste your money on this piece of $&@$.

  29. nathan smith says:

    My words w friends will not recover. It has been hours. I even re downloaded it. Do u know y it is doing this

  30. ARTHUR JENSEN says:


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