Electronic Arts Releases Word Game Boggle for iPhone

This morning Boggle ( iTunes Link) was released in the App Store, priced at $2.99, it’s a simple and fun word game for iPhone and iPod touch.

I was never an A+ student in any writing class, and here I am blogging, go figure. If it wasn’t for Google’s “Did you mean [insert word here]” feature I would never find anything on the net, due to my shoddy spelling. Of course we all have to strengthen our weaknesses, always striving to better ourselves, but wouldn’t it be nice to improve said skill and have fun at the same time?

That’s where Boggle comes in to the rescue. In Boggle you’ll have three minutes to spell as many words possible, using the 16 letters available to you via the 4×4 grid. Each new letter must be adjacent to the previous letter and the word formed must be at least three letters long.

Advanced mode mixes things up literally by adding the gameplay features Portal Cubes and Panic Flip. Portal Cubes swaps the first and last letter of each spelled word. This can be disorienting at first, but it also opens up the possibility of new words. Panic Flip rearranges the whole grid, this occurs when there is only 20 seconds left on the clock.


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