Command & Conquer Red Alert Coming Soon to iPhone

Touchscreens and RTS go hand in hand, well at least to an extent, the smaller the screen size the less playable the game becomes. We’ll soon find how well the iPhone’s 3.5″ touchscreen holds up when EA releases Command & Conquer: Red Alert later this month. The game looks to be the most promising RTS title we’ve seen so far to hit the App Store.

Command & Conquer: Red Alert will include 12 missions (story) and 2 skirmish levels. All missions are playable as Allies or Soviets. As you would expect the game plays much like the PC version, but instead of using the mouse pointer you’ll use the tip of your fingers. So selecting a tank is as simple as tapping on the tank, or if you want to select all the tanks on screen just do a double tap.

There will also be pinch gestures included in Red Alert that will allow you to zoom in and out. I’m still not sold on how useful this zoom feature will be, more than likely it’ll remain a novelty feature. Why handicap yourself by limiting your view of the battle field by zooming in?

Another important feature that was omitted from the announcement is multiplayer, will there even be an option for multiplayer? It’s hard to imagine the Command & Conquer series without a multiplayer component to the game. You can only play the story mode so many times before you lose interest, but with multiplayer you would get tons of replay value.


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