Gameloft Releases Rogue Planet for iPhone


It’s good to see Gameloft maintaining their momentum on the iPhone game platform with quality releases, especially when considering the recent news of cut backs on Android game development due to poor sales. “We are selling 400 times more games on iPhone than on Android,” said Alexandre de Rochefor, Gameloft finance director.

Gameloft’s latest release is a turn-based strategy game, Rogue Planet. The game was developed by Agharta Studio, which previously released the episodic adventure game 1112 for the iPhone/iPod touch. Although Rogue Planet is worlds apart from 1112 in terms of design and gameplay, Agharta Studio has managed to produce a well crafted game.

Rogue Planet features 19 campaign missions and 15 skirmish maps, all 34 maps are playable via Quick Play mode. The game also features multiplayer mode, playable over local Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Support for online multiplayer over Wi-Fi or 3G is expected to be added in the next update *crosses fingers*.

As you would expect, the iPhone’s touchscreen makes controlling the game a breeze. You can select units/buildings by tapping on them, rotate your view by moving two fingers in a clockwise or counter-clockwise motion and zoom with pinch gestures.

App Store Link: Rogue Planet ($4.99)


Gameplay Video

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