Boom Boom Pow! You Sank My BATTLESHIP

One of my favorite board games from back in the day, and when I say back in the day, I really mean I’m getting old, inching ever closer to death’s final embrace, so I’m going to stop saying that because it’s really depressing. Anyhow Electronic Arts released BATTLESHIP for the iPhone and iPod touch.

BATTLESHIP is essentially a guessing game, so if you beat me, it’s luck, but if I win it’s skill (that’s right Andrew I’m talking to you, bring it). So here’s how it works. Both players take turns picking spots on the board to fire shots, hoping to land a direct hit on the opponent’s ship. Once a player has lost all their ships the game is over and they have to sign a bunch of peace treaties basically stating they’ll never fight you again and so on (I kid, I kid).

There are three game modes available in BATTLESHIP — Classic, Salvo and Super Weapons. In Classic mode players get one shot per turn, but in Salvo mode the more ships you have still afloat the more shots you get per turn, making it very difficult for a player that has fallen behind in ship count to make a comeback. If you’re a fan of Disney movies and love watching all those stories about the underdog making a comeback, don’t play Salvo mode, I warned you, there will be no comebacks, only tears.

And last but not least Kim Jong-il’s favorite game mode, Super Weapons. In this mode you get to pick three super weapons to take with you into battle. There are 13 super weapons to choose from, giving you plenty of options to augment your offensive or defensive capabilities. Air strikes for example can attack three squares in a row, or if you were looking for more protection you could equip your ships with force-field technology to deflect the first hit on each ship. Starting out you’ll only have access to four super weapons, to unlock more you’ll need to get a few wins under your built to level up.

For added replay value, BATTLESHIP also includes multiplayer over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or pass-and-play. Although the multiplayer options currently available are already quite good, I think EA could do even better. BATTLESHIP could be the next Words With Friends or Chess With Friends, since it’s turn based players could submit moves exit the app and return once the other player has made their move and so on. I’m already a huge fan of WWF and CWF, I love how convenient Newtoy has made online play, I just hope EA follows suit.

App Store Link: BATTLESHIP ($2.99)


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