Red Alert, Worms and Madden NFL 10 get Multiplayer Update


If there is one single feature that will make me go crazy over a game, it’s multiplayer. And that’s exactly what’s been added to some high profile games in this latest batch of updates.

Both Red Alert and Madden NFL 10 were updated to support multiplayer over Bluetooth, but the local multiplayer over WiFi was only added to Red Alert. I found this to be a bit strange. Why would EA leave out multiplayer over WiFi for Madden NFL 10?

It’s not really all that important that Madden NFL 10 gets multiplayer over WiFi. In terms of local play, there aren’t any real advantages to playing over WiFi as opposed to Bluetooth. Playing over WiFi would actually be more of a hassle come to think of it.

For one you’d only be able to play within WiFi range and two you’d need to deal with WiFi passwords, unless you memorized yours.

Perhaps EA has different plans for the two games. The only real advantage WiFi has over Bluetooth is the ability to play online… Hmmm, yea I bet EA is going to add online multiplayer to Red Alert at some point in the future but not for Madden NFL 10. But don’t go off quoting me on that, just keep in mind I use a Magic 8-Ball for all my predictions, so take them with a huge grain of salt.

Worms has also received a multiplayer update, I’m not sure how long ago this was, I spotted it earlier today while updating my apps. But it’s still interesting news to me nonetheless. Worms now supports multiplayer over Bluetooth with up to 4 players! That’s just awesome, I mean most games only offer head-to-head multiplayer.

I really wish more game developers would invest in online multiplayer, local multiplayer is great and all, but online play is where it’s at. Not everyone has lots of iPhone/iPod touch friends to play with locally, so it can be really tough to get multiplayer games going.

In other news, Gameloft has released another update for Modern Combat: Sandstorm to fix those multiplayer bugs the last update introduced. I haven’t even had a chance to play Modern Combat: Sandstorm online due to that annoying UPNP error message (yes, UPNP was enabled on my router, thanks for asking). I’ll give Modern Combat: Sandstorm multiplayer another go once my iPhone finishes installing the update *crosses fingers*.

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