Flight Control HD

Flight Control HD
Game Name: Flight Control HD
Platforms: iPad
Publisher(s): Firemint
Developer(s): Firemint
Genre(s): Arcade, Flight
Release Date: April 3, 2010
Price: $4.99
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Unlike some games, Flight Control HD feels right at home on the iPad. All too often I find games designed for gamepads rather than touchscreens. I don’t necessarily hate every game that utilizes gamepad controls on the iPad, on the contrary I find many of them to be quite fun.┬áBut I do believe game developers can go beyond the traditional gamepad control scheme to take better advantage of the iPad’s touchscreen.

Flight Control HD is an amazing example of what a game developer can do when they think outside the box and design a game that feels natural on the iPad.

In Flight Control HD your goal is to traffic as many planes/helicopters to the correct landing strips/pads as possible. To guide planes to landing strips players simply tap on the plane and drag to the landing strip. The game ends once two aircraft collide.

The cool thing about Flight Control HD is that it’s really easy to get into, no tutorial is really necessary, players just jump in and the fun begins. At first the game may seem too easy, but just keep playing, the game will gradually introduce more and more planes for you to traffic. Eventually you’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer number of planes that require your attention and the inevitable crash will occur.

As you become more adept at Flight Control HD you’ll want to take advantage of the fast forward feature, the button is located in the lower left of the screen. It’s really handy, especially at the beginning of the game when there are very few planes to traffic.

I don’t normally like games where you focus on beating your previous score, but for some reason I really enjoyed that aspect of Flight Control HD, it felt so satisfying to beat my previous record for planes landed.

I watched my friend play Flight Control HD. It was hilarious watching him go from a relaxed state to panic. At first he told me that Flight Control HD is so boring, then after he landed around 40 planes his tone completely changed. From that point on all I heard was a series of gasp with a few OMG’s mixed in for good measure.

There are a total of 9 levels to play through. The first three levels are designed specifically for the iPad as denoted by the HD label. The fourth level is essentially the first level but with 3D effects, you’ll need 3D glasses to take advantage of this.

There is also a multiplayer option in Flight Control HD, playable from a single iPad or two via WiFi. You can challenge your friend to see who can land the most planes before crashing. Being a very competitive person by nature, I really liked this feature, it added a lot more replay value to Flight Control HD.

But if you’re more of the type that likes to team up with friends, there’s also a multiplayer option for that, so you and your friend can work together to land as many planes as possible.

I’ve had a blast with Flight Control HD, if you own an iPad you should definitely grab a copy of this game.

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